Film Critic John Douglas shares his top picks for classic movies to catch on DVD.

"Jason and the Argonauts" (1963) Directed by Don Chaffey, with Todd Armstrong and Nancy Kovack. A group of Greek heroes go on an exciting journey to capture the Golden Fleece. The special effects by Ray Harryhausen are wonderfully charming and effective.

"Master of the Flying Guillotine" (1975) Directed by Jimmy Wang Yu, with Jimmy Wang Yu and Kam Kang. Set in 1730, a blind assassin using a flying guillotine takes on a one armed warrior in a fight to the death. A truly unique Chinese movie.

"Super Cop" (1992) Directed by Stanley Tong, with Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. A detective from Hong Kong teams up with a Chinese police person in order to defeat a drug czar and they do it with grace and daring.