Duane Petroskey from Gorman's Grand Rapids share creative ways to create an outdoor living space.

Creating the "Outdoor Room" for more intimate gatherings

· Define the space with seating placement.

· Use outdoor rugs, plants, flower pots

Accessorize the space as you would an indoor room:

· Use table top plants -- mosquito plants can double as an accessory and bug repellent

· Re-purpose items from indoors—use a vase with sand or salt in the bottom with a candle to create a hurricane lamp

· Use outdoor lamps on end tables that will give the space a feeling of a living or family room.

Selecting fabrics for outdoor Furniture

· Fabrics now are much more interesting than they were. Great patterns and textures and colors to make it feel more like an outdoor living room.

· Choose fabrics that will give you a color scheme to work with, or select more neutral colors for fabrics and use plants, flowers, and accessories to bring the colors to the space. (doing this allows you to have different color schemes every year!

Courtesy of:

Duane Petroskey

General Manager

Gorman's Grand Rapids

2320 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508


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