Grand Rapids natives complete their third trip to "Running of the Bulls" in Spain


GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - It takes a certain kind of person to want to tangle with six half-ton bulls.

It takes a certain kind of crazy to want to do it over and over.

Chris Howard and Eugene Sueing from Grand Rapids are that kind of crazy.

The two friends recently returned from their third trip to Pamplona, Spain for the "Running of the Bulls."

It's an event that's become the highlight of their year.

"I'm just all about it," said Sueing. "I really never leave it because I'm always talking about it. I'm always editing our GoPro footage."

Howard has filmed each of his three trips to Spain on his handheld GoPro camera and posts the footage to YouTube.

This year he captured a bull goring a man, before being arrested. Filming the event as a participant is illegal in Spain.

"This time it was pay or stay," says Howard. "I had to pay 150 euro to get my camera back, which was worth it because I caught someone getting gored... and also to stay out of jail."

Howard and Sueing returned home without serving any jail time and perhaps more importantly, any severe injuries. Howard suffered a sprained ankle during one of his three runs.

They plan on returning for their fourth year of running in 2015, despite the incredible and dangerous risks they're taking.

"Eventually the bulls, they get you," said Howard. "That's all part of the fun."

Sueing added, "You know the day that we all have to go to the hospital, we're all in bandages, that's a good day."

Howard and Sueing say they're hoping to attract first-time runners looking to make the trip to Spain next summer.

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