(WZZM) - Greenthumb Rick Vuystsays the number one concern on West Michiganders' minds right now is weeds.

Many of the weeds we're seeing already are annual weeds that germinated in the fall. That's why Rick is so adamant that you control your weeds in the fall each year, to make things easier come springtime.

Henbit with square stems is one you're probably noticing right now. It's in the mint family and grows incredibly fast. Shepherd's purse is another one currently growing. It has the small white flowers on it and is in the mustard family, thus it spreads easily and quickly.

And in your grass you might be noticing Quackgrass already. Rick says the best way to get rid of it is to kill the grass with a Round-Up spray and then re-seed. For the next three seasons, Rick likes to use corn-gluten. It provides nitrogen and acts as a seed-suppressant.

Watch the video for more details.