GRAND RAPIDS(WZZM) - The Furniture Fixclaims it can lift and fix your sagging upholstery. Six interlocking panels slide under the cushion to help give firmness and support after springs have weakened and sagged over time.

I tested it out on a chair in my house that has been over-used by my overweight dog. The Furniture Fix was easy to assemble, but we couldn't quite get the "custom fit" we were looking for because the base of the chair wasn't an exactly square. We also found the panels would bend and bow, so I still had a significant slant or sag where the springs had gone bad.

I couldn't really tell if it made a difference. It seemed like we needed a board or something else that would create more support for the cushion. It didn't really lift the cushion the way we had hoped.

The Furniture Fixis also supposed to work on couches and mattresses, and maybe something that had a flatter base surface to begin with would help. But my sagging chair didn't see a real fix from the Furniture Fix.

We found it at Target for $14.99.