GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)-- Stretch Genie is the shoe stretcher in a spray bottle.

The commercial says to spray the "special formula" inside any shoe, which dries on contact, and it will stretch your shoe for a more comfortable fit. It also comes with expanders you can place in your shoes for 24 hours for maximum results.

Sarah Allchin, a stylist at Cheeky Strut salon in Grand Rapids is on her feet all day, often times in platform pumps. She helped me put Stretch Genie to the test.

She found that the commercial's claim that it dries on contact was NOT true. It stayed wet and felt squishy on her foot. The solution is just water and alcohol, but it didn't dry quickly at all.

Sarah said it did seem to work at first. She said the wet leather did stretch, but she said the next day they were still tight. Even after using the expander, she said it didn't stretch the whole shoe, or enough of the shoe. It just stretched a tiny section, which wasn't enough to make her shoes comfortable. But, it may work enough for some people depending on their foot or shoe issues.

We found Stretch Genie at Walgreens for $9.99.