CALEDONIA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) -- Kent County authorities may be close to capturing suspects responsible for up to a dozen home burglaries in Caledonia Township.

The resident in a house burglars were apparently planning to break into surprised them by answering the door when one of them knocked to make sure no one was home. When police showed the resident some pictures of possible suspects, Greg Stevens was able to make a positive identification.

It just might be the break detectives need.

"I told them when they left, 'Good luck you guys, I hope you catch him,' and they said, 'We will -- we are getting real close now,'" Stevens said.

Earlier this week, Stevens said he saw a suspicious white van parked and then slowly cruising down 68th Street. He wondered if the van was related to all the recent home invasions in the township. Then, just before noon the next day, a stranger knocked on the door.

"He wanted to know if Josh was here. I said, 'Josh?' and he says, 'Yeah,'" Stevens said. "Right away I got thinking something is odd with that guy, you know? Asking questions [that] didn't make sense. Then I turned on the TV and saw four break-ins so far, and I got on the phone" to call the authorities.

Detectives discovered someone had tried but failed to break into the house next door, and the burglars were apparently working their way down the street.

Barb Mesecar owns one of the dozen or so Caledonia homes recently broken into.

"Apparently, all they were looking for was money," she said. "I had some change in my china cupboard...I don't remember how much was in there, but that was gone."

Change was also taken from a little heart-shaped box belonging to her granddaughter.

That change was all she noticed was missing.

"Ten years ago, I never used to lock the front door," Mesecar says. "[It's] a little scary when I hear a noise. I, you know, I jump -- but I'm surviving."

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