GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- .Snowbanks standing 20 inches high are about to overflow at some point.

That's what happened in the East Hills neighborhood, and the Grand Rapids city plows took action Tuesday morning.

The streets in the neighborhoods are narrow to begin with. Rachel Lee with the East Hills Council of Neighbors says in the last couple of weeks, they've seen more than 50 sideview mirrors knocked off cars because people are parking too close to the driving lane.

They alerted neighbors to move their cars this morning so the city could plow the streets. They say emergency vehicles, school buses, and other services vehicles aren't making it through. Those who didn't get the memo or listen, got towed or ticketed.

WZZM 13 was there this morning, and saw one car being towed away. We saw a ticked another another car.

"So we have snowbanks in the parking lane so people park and they're parking in the driving lane," said Rachel Lee, with the East Hills Council of Neighbors.

"It is needed, the city really needs to do something about this, it's a good thing," said Dom Groenveld. The city unfortunatly swept a huge ice boulder into his driveway, blocking him in. He was lucky to get a warning from his mom to move his car so he didn't get a ticket.

We checked with the City of Grand Rapids. As of Tuesday morning, the East Hills Neighborhood is the only area on the city's list to plow. The parking restrictions were lifted at 11 a.m.