WYOMING, Mich. (WZZM) -- A criminology expert has some interesting theories about Craigslist triple murder and suicide.

Daniel Kennedy, a criminologist and professor at Oakland University believes there are multiple personality disorders at work in this case.

The suspect is Brady Oestrike, 31, of Wyoming. "It would appear that he suffered from a number of paraphilia's or bizarre sexual practices," says Kennedy.

Police began investigating the case last week, when the body of 25-year old Charles Oppenneer was found beheaded in Gezon Park, in Wyoming.

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"The beheading could be a precautionary measure. When someone's hands are cut-off, or a body part is missing, it might be to simply delay the ID or it could be another part of the fantasy life this killer had," Kennedy explained.

Oppenneer, had gone to the park with his pregnant girlfriend, 18-year old Brooke Slocum. She agreed to meet Oestrike, who was going to pay her for sex. Kennedy says it's unclear if the boyfriend went to watch or to protect his girlfriend.

"As far as murdering the boyfriend, that might have been a disagreement in the sexual practices that the killer wanted to engage in," Kennedy explained.

Slocum's pregnant body was discovered the next day in the back of Oestrike's trunk, when police attempted to pull him over. Oestrike crashed his car during a short chase and took his own life.

Police believe Slocum had been strangled at Oestrike's home. Investigators found dozens of weapons, restraints, and monitoring devices. "This ties in with the paraphilia. There was sadism and evidence of keeping her in bondage, as a sex slave," Kennedy said.

He adds these behaviors are often found in serial killers. "I'm sure other cases of people gone missing are being looked at for some linkage analysis."

Wyoming police say they have not found any other victims, but continue to investigate the crimes.

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