GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) -- After more than a quarter century, justice has been served in a double murder case in Ottawa County. On Friday, a jury found Ryan Wyngarden guilty of murdering his sister and brother in-law back in 1987.

After the guilty verdict came down, Ryan Wyngarden looked in his wife's direction and appeared to mouth her name. His wife, Pamela Wyngarden, was the key witness against him and she made the case possible.

Many people were emotional inside the courtroom, including the two detectives that helped solve the case.

After just four hours of deliberations, Wyngarden was convicted of murdering his sister and brother in law, Gail and Rick Brink. Prosecutors argued that Wyngarden murdered the couple because he didn't want anyone finding out about a sexual relationship he'd had with Gail when they were younger.

"One of them, my brother, I think knew who killed him," said said Rick Brink's brother, Bud. "I don't think my sister in-law knew who killed her because I don't think she was awake, but I think my brother looked him in the eyes and that is a haunting thought, and today we have the justice on that."

"I have no problem with him going to jail for this, it hurts my heart, but it hurts my heart when my sister was murdered and now I can go to her grave and say goodbye," said Cheryl Murphree, Wyngarden's sister. "We're done, we finally got him, Gail and Rick. You know you can rest in peace now."

Wyngarden will be sentenced on April 21. He faces mandatory life in prison without parole.

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