Grand Rapids, Mich. (WZZM) Two people living inside the home where an accused bank robber had taken refuge Tuesday night, say they had no idea he was wanted by police.

Ryan Mensinger says he can't believe what happened, "I'm still kind of reeling from the whole situation. I can't believe that he dragged me and her into this."

23 year old Dave Saunders is accused of robbing the Lake Michigan Credit Union at Mercy-Health Saint Mary's Campus on Monday afternoon. With the help of tipsters, police tracked him to a house at 70 Grand Avenue, NE close to Heritage Hill.

"I cant believe he is stupid enough to rob a bank to think he would get away with it," said Mensinger's girlfriend Lauren.

The two didn't know Dave Saunders well but knew he was homeless. They say he asked to stay with them for the night. "He doesn't have any family around here. We'll be nice and let you stay the night you don't have to go to the homeless shelter."

The couple did notice Dave's behavior was a little unusual. For one thing, they say, he had money to spend because he aunt had died, "He had reason for this quote large sum of money that he had."

Ryan and Lauren say Saunders bought $50.00 worth of pizza and Ryan says Dave had a sudden interest in the television news. "I said to her he probably committed a crime and wants to see if the cops are on his trail."

Also unusual, they say Dave cut off his hair. "He said I want to shave my head. I said why would you want to do that? He said I want a haircut. It's hot you know."

But the couple says it all started to add up when the police ordered everyone out with their hands up and Dave said he would be out in a minute "I said okay. I came out put my hands up and walked out there," said Mensinger. "I wasn't going to mess with the police. They had big guns in our faces."

After robbing the credit union authorities say Saunders apologized to the teller. Ryan Mensinger says he's not surprised. "I told Lauren it's just like Dave to say I'm sorry after he robs a bank. He apologized for everything else."

Dave Saunders was charged Wednesday afternoon with bank robbery and is being held on a $250,000 bond. Wednesday was also Saunder's 23rd birthday.

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