GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- A woman charged with animal cruelty/neglect has forfeited 37 dogs seized from her home.

Kent County Animal Control officers took the dogs after serving a warrant to check on the animals in late June. Officers say the dogs showed signs of neglect and illness.

This week, a civil court ruling permanently took the dogs from their previous owner, unless she paid $106,000 to get them back. She did not pay that money before Friday's 4:45pm deadline.

Now, some of the dogs suited for it will be made available for adoption, starting August 22. Others will be held until they're ready for adoption or transferred to other shelters or rescues. The Animal Shelter says people considering adopting these dogs should know the dogs will need ongoing medical care at the adopters' expense.

Anyone looking for information about adopting from the Kent County Animal Shelter can learn more at this link.

The criminal charge against the dogs' former owner, Kimberly Savino, is still pending. Two other dogs, belonging to the owners of Savino's home, were also seized in late June. They're still being held until the criminal proceedings finish.

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