HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) -- There are new developments on the job search for hundreds of Lamar Construction workers who were laid off last week.

On the job sites and off, construction workers consider themselves a tight-knit community.

"Construction is a family," says Paul Lemley, chairman of the Associated Builders and Contractors of West Michigan.

In some ways, that makes the good times even better and the bad times even worse.

"I feel very disrespected first and foremost of how they did the layoffs," former Lamar Construction worker, James Lepior told WZZM 13 last week.

"Our first reaction was, 'These are our brothers and sisters that are out of work right now, and we need to help them,'" says Lemley.

Lemley is hoping to connect more than 200 former Lamar Construction workers with jobs, including at Triangle Associates, where he's a senior vice president.

"We've hired one that has come on board and a number of others, quite a number of others we're considering right now," says Lemley.

ABC says it can take one resume from a former Lamar worker and get it to 400 construction firms in a matter of hours.

Others have also jumped in to help.

Next week, Ottawa County Michigan Works! will be holding an event for the Lamar workers.

"A lot of things related to job search now are internet based we want to make sure they are aware of those tools," says Bill MacDhubhain.

"Construction in West Michigan is booming and all of our member companies are looking for people we've got a shortage of good qualified people," says Lemley.

In fact, Lemley says he's confident all the Lamar workers will find jobs in the next two months.

The Michigan Works event for Lamar workers starts at 9 a.m. on Monday at Hudsonville High School.

Learn more about construction jobs at this link.

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