LANSING (WZZM) - Michigan is on its way to becoming the 18th state to approve expanding access to Narcan, a heroin antidote.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday approved a package of bills sponsored by State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker, R-Kalamazoo County.

"Doctors could prescribe this medicine to family members or a friend of a person who is in a position to help if an overdose occurs," Schuitmaker testified.

The bills would protect anyone providing the drug from civil or criminal prosecution.

One witness, a former heroin addict from Kalamazoo named Emerald Haan said, "I had friends who told me stories of dropping people on the side of the road because they were scared of what would happen to them if they had taken them to the hospital, so they just left 'em. Left 'em to die because they weren't able to take them to the ER. So if they had this, they would be able to administer it and save their lives without being at fault."

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