zGAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) -- Hundreds of people gathered Wednesday to say goodbye to a 9-year-old boy killed in a playground attack.

Connor Verkerke was playing just yards from his home last Monday when another child stabbed him repeatedly in the back. Since then, the community has been trying to come to grips with this tragic loss, but today they are celebrating Connor's life. "Connor pretty much loved everything. Loved people, life, singing, dancing, and cub scouts", says his Grandmother, Sue Fiebig. A large group of fellow scouts attended the service, carrying honor flags for him.

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He also loved soccer and making new friends, which is what he did on that playground the day he was killed. While the family is still understandably angry, Connor's grandmother says she doesn't resent 12-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn.

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"As protective as you want to be with your kids, you still have to give them wings to grow; you can't always know what they are thinking. More anger with Jamarion, in a way we feel bad for him and we do hope that he gets what help is available that he can get, but anger too that he chose Connor," said Fiebig.

You can donate to Connor's memorial by clicking the following link: Connor Verkerke Memorial.

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