SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WZZM) -- Heavy rain led to flooding at some lakeshore businesses. There was so much water that a Spring Lake company had fish flowing into its garage from a nearby pond.

The company is Rapid Flush. However, this time, no pump seemed fast enough to stop the flowing flood waters or the little visitors it brought through the garage.

It "overflowed the pond next door," says Todd Chmelik, owner of Rapid Flush. "Hundreds of hundreds of fish came through here. It was kind of ridiculous."

The lucky ones made it to a nearby creek. The less fortunate went into the drain.

"The small minnows were swimming up out of this drain," says Chmelik.

Chmelik is used to fixing other people's sewers and drains, but not his own.

"Flooding does add more work for us," says Chmelik. "This much is out of control. I'm standing in water here. We tried to get everything off the water as fast as we could."

Chmelik says he was just finishing up a remodeling job in the office and now he might have to start all over with some big losses.

Still, he's open for business and helping to keep the flood waters from doing the same to others.

"We've got storm drains backing up, so we have crews out opening up storm drains for people," says Chmelik.

He's watching to see if any more fish go down the drain and hoping not too many of his dollars follow.

Chmelik is still assessing the damage. He does not believe his insurance will cover it.

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