Grand Rapids, Mich. (WZZM) A West Michigan company is offering help to get you off the couch and running. This is the second year for Grand Valley Health Plan's "couch to five-K walk-run program."

Last year, 21 people took part, getting their hearts in shape for the popular 5-k bridge walk in September.

Counselor and Wellness coordinator, Ken Van Beek, says the 14-week program is good for people of all fitness levels, "It takes a while, it takes a while because it's hard work to start with you're lungs and your heart aren't used to doing that kind of thing and so that's why we work into it very slowly and by the end people start feeling good."

The "Couch to Five-K" Walk-Run program runs every Tuesday and Thursday night at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids.
Orientations start tonight at 6:30.