WYOMING, Mich. (WZZM) -- It was the world's first mega plex and after 49 years, Studio 28 is coming down. Crews began demolishing the old movie theater this week and dozens showed up to remember its legacy.

For some it was a place to take a first date. "I use to take my wife here," explained Leon Plummer. "We use to hold hands here and kiss."

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Leon, like the many sitting in their cars watching the demolition, has fond memories of Studio 28. The elderly man remembers when it use to be a drive-in theater.

Others showed up to witness the destruction. "Somebody Facebooked me that the demolition was happening and i just felt I had to come down to pay last respects," explained Jeffery Hudson, who showed off a miniature Studio 28 sign he had made in the back of his car.

Matt Gort was also saddened to hear of the theater's demise. "Studio 28 was the first theater that we ended up going to see a movie at, that is why I decided to buy the marquee." Matt and his brother wanted to own a piece of the theater so they bought the iconic theater one marquee for their home. They recreated a movie theater in their basement and thought the sign would make a good entrance. But the sign hangs in the garage because it didn't fit in the home. "You can say it is pointless to have something like this, but to me and my brother and to my family, it was a big deal to movie theater to see a movie."

In its heyday, Studio 28 sold more than 1.7 million tickets a year, however a 75% decline in tickets sales and an outdated building eventually led to its closure in 2008. When no one bought the property, the owner decided to tear it down in hopes that a vacant property would attract a new developer.

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