GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- When labor pains began during a concert Thursday night, a Sparta woman knew she needed to get to the hospital. But it was the mode of transportation her husband chose that had people buzzing on social media Friday.

Jamie and Andy Momber are expecting their second child and Thursday morning Jaime woke up thinking she was about to go into labor. "My due date was May 7th, so I am a day or two overdue."

But when the baby didn't come, they tried to think of ways to help the process along and noticed the Brantley Gilbert concert at Van Andel Arena.

"Maybe the vibrations from the concert would speed things up," Andy explained. "I thought it was a good idea because I am a country music fan."

The concert music appeared to work; Jamie's labor worsened and she needed to get to the hospital quickly. Andrew had already had a few drinks at the concert and an ambulance was out of the question.

"No, at $500, I can't afford that," he said. "What do I do? I walk outside, I see these guys on bikes -- Saint Mary's isn't that far and say let's take these pedicabs."

Enter Stephan Knight. "A man approached me and said, 'How fast can you peddle to Saint Mary's? My wife's in labor!"

"He didn't even hesitate, he said get on, lets go!" Andy described Jamie's mental state during the pedicab ride to the hospital. "She was pretty calm and collective about the whole situation."

"It was actually pretty comfortable. Yes... a few bumps," Jamie added.

"He told me to hit as many bumps as I could to get the labor moving," Knight said. "I have never seen this sort of thing before so I thought lets take a picture. (Then) security came out with a wheelchair and wheeled her in."

And what about the baby? "Another false labor," Jamie said.

But it will provide an interesting story to tell the baby when she does come. "One we won't forget," Andy said.

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