GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- There are four finalists for the Grand Rapids Police Chief position, and Wednesday night, they were all together to say a little bit about themselves and answer questions from the public.

The four finalists are East Grand Rapids Public Safety Director Mark Herald; Atlanta, Georgia, Deputy Chief Ernest Finley; Franklin, Tennessee, Police Chief David Rahinsky; and Port Huron Public Safety Director Michael Reeves.

The forum was translated into Spanish for the benefit of the city's Latino Community.

It started with Ernest Finley, who has spent 28 years on the force in Atlanta. "I feel this is a perfect fit for me. I see unity in all four corners of the city as far as connectivity with the police department, the government, as well as with the community."

Reeves told the crowd he doesn't speak their language but wants GRPD to reflect the entire community. "I would like to see Grand Rapids Police look like Jesus, and that gentleman, and this lady," he said emphasizing the importance of diversity.

Rahinsky said, "My experience in working with the Hispanic community is respect for the community and respect for each other."

When Herald spoke, he focused on his time working in Grand Rapids. "I began my career in Grand Rapids in 1984 and eventually rose to the rank as Captain. So I am familiar with Grand Rapids and the concerns of the Latino community.

On Thursday an English-language forum is scheduled from 6pm to 8pm at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

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