DETROIT (Det. Free Press) -- Meijer, which opened its first store in Detroit last year, is taking a step toward opening another in the city by next year.

The Walker-based supermarket chain said it expects to mobilize its construction team to the northwest Detroit site where its second store in the city is planned — Grand River and West McNichols — within the next few weeks.

The company has not announced a date for a formal groundbreaking.

"I think it's a beautiful thing," said Reggie Davis, a district deputy manager of Detroit's Department of Neighborhoods who lives near the intersection. A sign advertises that Meijer is coming soon. "We have been waiting for this."

Davis said Meijer executives met withcommunity members to discuss the store plans. The supercenter is to go up on cleared land where Redford High School stood.

"They asked us what we'd like to have from them," Davis said.

Davis said he was told the store is expected to open next year and be a size similar to the chain's 190,000-square-foot supermarket at the Gateway shopping center at 8 Mile and Woodward.

That store opened last year to much fanfare and praise.

At the time, co-chairman Hank Meijer said the opening of the $20-million store would have generated enthusiasm under normal circumstances, but coming within days of Detroit's municipal bankruptcy filing, it had taken on additional significance.

"You've got all these folks who work in the store, but who are also Detroiters for whom the success of this store isn't only about their job," he said. "It's about their city."

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