GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- We are familiar with sore losers, but sore winners, not so much. Tuesday's primary election, however, produced a pair of them in West Michigan.

GOP congressman Justin Amash won election to his third term by a 14% margin. In his victory speech, he lashed out at former lakeshore GOP congressman Pete Hoekstra for supporting Amash's challenger, Brian Ellis, calling Hoekstra "a disgrace and I'm glad we can hand you one more loss before you fade into total obscurity and irrelevance."

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Reached at his Washington, DC lobby firm office, Hoekstra said he said he's never heard anything like what Amash said. Hoekstra said he is now focused on helping republicans across Michigan win election in the fall.

Amash also demanded an apology from Brian Ellis "for your disgusting, despicable smear campaign." Ellis today had no comment.

A race that drew much less attention was the democratic primary for the Kent County Commission 17th district seat. Incumbent Candace Chivis won with 622 votes, Robert S. Womack had 507, and James Vaughn 259.

In Facebook comments Chivis posted, she chided Womack running a campaign "full of lies, deceit...and he still got beat by a girl."

The comments were later deleted, as was another post where Chivis, who declined comment Wednesday, said "I really hope that spanking was as good for Robert S. Womack as it was for me!"

Womack hosts an afternoon radio show. A caller to it Wednesday said Chivis "acted like an adolescent and she should be ashamed of those comments."

Womack says he is now considering a write-in campaign to continue his challenge to Chivis in the fall.

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