WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- The madness begins Friday for basketball fans in Michigan. But with three college teams in the bracket, the Better Business Bureau says ticket scams are inevitable.

The die hard fans are already spread across the country to see their respective Michigan schools. But the Better Business Bureau says the further Western Michigan, Michigan State, or Michigan make it in the tournament, the more scams you'll see in tickets and travel packages.

March Madness is sending Michigan basketball fans coast to coast.

NCAA Bracket

Friday night in the first round, Western Michigan tips off in Buffalo, New York; Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Michigan State in Spokane, Washington.

Tennessee, Indiana, and New York are the next destinations if the teams make it to the next rounds in their respective region.

It's exciting for Michigan, but what does climbing the bracket ladder mean to the Better Business Bureau?

"All of a sudden things just pop out of the wood work with Craig's List, and the classified," said Phil Catlett, President and CEO of the Western Michigan BBB. "Their might even be on something with Mlive," he said.

Ticket scams are something Catlett has seen in the past, so he wants fans to think twice before buying their tickets.

"A number of companies that are packaging it all up are betting they can get the tickets in a way they can still make a profit," he said. "So you really have to check the track record of the organization."

He recommends Stubhub, Ticketron, and Ticketmaster. The BBB website lists many more, and most aren't accredited. BBB of West Michigan

Catlett says to Michigan fans –likely going to Indianapolis—be especially careful.

"The closer location, more people are going to want it, the more demand there is. The more you're probably going to be willing to pay because you won't have to travel," he said.

Catlett says to watch for travel scams too. When you do pay – the BBB recommends:

1) Use a credit card; do not transfer money

2) If you use PayPal, make sure the person is a trusted PayPal seller

3) Use a Secure Website

4) Look for a padlock on the page and the letter "s" after the "http"Hopefully these tips will help you get a seat to the dance. Now it's just waiting to see if the Michigan teams will show up.

"A lot of people will do what it takes to make sure they're there if their team is in the Final Four," said Catlett.

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