(WZZM) - This week could end up as a very important week in the future of the internet. The FCC has put forth new rules about the "open internet" or net neutrality. This could affect how you get web content into your home or business, and how fast you get it.

Click here for the FCC statement.

Readwrite has a great article explaining all the details and has all sorts of corresponding links. USA Today has a somewhat more layman's look at what net neutrality means. If you want a real activist site to get involved with, try .

The FCC is taking comments on net neutrality. As of Friday at 2:00pm, there were over 22,000 postings. To have your voice heard, click here.

Now if you want a serious time waster of the week, click on the FCC comments page and read through those postings. For something a bit more "trippin'" try .

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